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Commit to yourself and start building a discipline in the New Year.

Plan a conscious start for 2016 with Yoga. When the year ends we might make a review of our past actions and decide to change some aspects of our daily life to start the New Year with fresh thoughts and positive habits. Was I a good human being? A good mother/father? A good friend? A good employee? A good employer? Did I practice enough sports? Did I practice kundalini yoga or other kind of yoga? Did I eat healthy? Did I watch my thoughts/words?…and so on. Well, what has been it’s already the past and now we will focus on the coming changes to plan a conscious start for this coming year.

Besides this is time for reflection, prayers, meditation and sharing.


How to plan a conscious start for 2016?

To get there you need to commit to yourself and start to build some discipline. One of my top priorities in 2016 is to keep on breathing consciously and not only while practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation but also while I drive, work, walk or wait at the cashwrap of the shop to pay. There is no need to wait to be on your yoga mat to breathe correctly or to do yoga postures.

Then plan the way to achieve your goal. In my case I can set an alarm on my smart phone to remember me to go back to a conscious breathing and connect with my inner self.  Closing your eyes might help as well!

We are more than commited to our daily responsabilities: working, sleeping, eating or chatting through Facebook or the equivalent, but we find it difficult to commit to our inner self. When you focus on your breath you calm your mind, your thoughts, and you can see the light that will guide your actions. This can be practiced endless throughout the year. Plan a conscious start for 2016 with Yoga!

May the long time sun shine upon you! Be the light! Breathe the New Year!