Do you want to make sure you are following the right path and that you are making the right choices for yourself? Yoga and Spiritual Coaching can support you all the way.

I help women and men having a busy life to find
their true path so that they can experience self love
and live from their essence.

Download here the video with Yoga breathing techniques which will calm your mind and help you connect more with your true feelings.

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You know deep inside you that life has much more to offer than what you have experienced so far. Living intuitively is your new way of living or it is what you’re aiming to do. The people around you and the social media talk nonstop about living in consciousness and finding inner peace and happiness within you.

More than ever people like you and me spend their free time enjoying the stillness of their presence, connecting to nature and to their true nature by doing yoga and meditation or simply by being in the present moment.

You are committed to a lot of daily obligations and you miss spending time with yourself and investing in your wellbeing and self love.

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Do you have the feeling that…?

You want to take time to relax and exercise every week but your days are too short. It feels as if the others plan your agenda. You can’t hardly decide what your days look like.

Every start of the year or every New Moon you set your intentions to take time out to meditate or go for a walk in nature but after a couple of weeks you don’t engage with your commitment anymore.

You have a household and you always think it will be easier to take care of yourself when the kids have grown up.

Running or going to the fitness club has been your stress free routine but it doesn’t really help in growing your consciousness.

You aim to live your life purpose but you get lost in your mind and you lose trust.

You want to listen to your intuition before making decisions but you don’t know how.

You have diverse health issues or body pains that hold you back.

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Now is the time to put yourself as Top1 Priority in your life. What you have been procrastinating for years is urgent now. If you stay in your comfort zone, nothing will change and you will still get what you always did. Yoga and Spiritual Coaching can help you in your process.

Take control of your life, but how?

Start a discipline to practice consciousness, like yoga and meditation.

Ask for help. You don’t need to solve everything on your own. We are together in this journey. When you want to work on a specific theme you can follow Spiritual Coaching and/or Yoga lessons one on one.

Download here the video with Yoga breathing techniques which will calm your mind and help you connect with your feelings.

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Hi, my name is Doriana!!!

My mission is to help people like you to become conscious about self love so that you can find inner joy.

I come from Puerto Rico and I am a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

In 2014 I started my own business to give yoga lessons. Yoga has supported me all the way in my journey to find my true essence and learn how to experience self love. I definitely needed to share this with people around me.

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“Kundalini Yoga makes me move, release tensions and feel a sense of peace throughout my whole body. I feel more grounded and centered. I have found a practice that also influences positively my mental health.

Doriana is inspiring and manages to teach how this physical and spiritual practice can be integrated into our daily life. Her studio is a bubble of serenity and kindness to practice in a relaxing atmosphere. Doriana is able to transpose this atmosphere and the benefits of Kundalini yoga to the online lessons as well.”

Marie Heyberger