My mission is to teach business professionals in their midlife, who feel trapped in their negative thoughts with their daily responsibilities, how to relax their mind & body everyday so that they can see & experience life through a positive perspective –

While working for an international company in Sales years ago, I realized how I could be affected by work issues to the point of having a bad night . My mind just couldn’t disconnect from work, always trying to find solutions even during my free time. I had internal (colleagues) and external customers of course all demanding and I wanted to help everyone and also get my tasks done on time. I was so overwhelmed. At that point I started practicing yoga. In yoga I found the tools I needed to keep a positive feeling. Yoga was more than a simple discipline. It was helping me to cope with issues at work and at home. My teacher was challenging me to do so and I couldn’t imagine making time for yoga while having three kids, a partner and a demanding job. It was working out,

I committed to the practice. The combination of both, being coached by my yoga teacher and practicing on a daily basis at home, supported me all the way. At that moment I didn’t know how yoga would transform my life. Then I studied and prepared myself to help others enjoy the benefits of this wonderful discipline.

I live another life now, while I’m still the same Doriana. In fact, I am more the real version of myself that I’ve ever been! I started playing the guitar and singing, this is so much fun! My daily yoga and meditation practice is still my daily support to keep a mental and body balance. I really do what I love and live the life I want.

I love to support business professionals in the midlife who feel trapped in negative thinking. I’ve been there too.


What you need to know about me…

When I see that someone is not being honest to her/himself, I can see it, I feel it and say it.

I confront others with their reality. It’s not personal but I can not keep it for myself. I can repeat something when I don’t see change, which can feel a bit pushy and uncomfortable.

My vision as a spiritual entrepreneur

Change comes from discipline. To train the body, practice regularly. The same goes for the mind, to transform the thoughts, train the mind. The main thing is to be ready for transformation and growth. Life happens in the inner world, not outside.

If you know me you know that…

I can ask you several times the same thing hoping that you’ll change your mind.

I can dance on the sidewalk while listening to my favorite numbers on Spotify without caring what others can think of me.

I collect water from the shower and reuse it when flushing the toilet.

I am gray, yes I stopped dying my hair in my 40’s because I wanted to see the real me.

I love to read several books at the same time.

My favorite books are ‘The power of now’, from Echkart Tolle and ‘The Alchemist’, from Paulo Coelho.

I love the Caribbean sea, where I come from. When I miss the ocean I drive to Zeeland, in the Netherlands. That’s cheaper than taking the airplane to San Juan, Puerto Rico.