My mission is to help people like you to become conscious about self love so that you can find inner joy –

Hi, my name is Doriana


I come from Puerto Rico and I am a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

In 2014 I started my own business to give yoga lessons. Yoga has supported me all the way in my journey to find my true essence and learn how to experience self love. I definitely needed to share this with people around me. Want to receive my newsletter, special promotions and the last blogs? Subscribe below:

    The search of love and acceptance outside me

    I always knew I had a mission on Earth, like any other person. As a kid, I prayed everyday and asked the Guardian Angels to guide me. At 18 I was already reading metaphysics and spirituality books and was following my first therapy with a psychologist. I was always in search of becoming the best version of me because I wanted to be liked by people around me.

    I dedicated a part of my life to my family and to my job. For years my focus was oriented to my outside world. I wanted to help others through my job, I worked as a Spanish Teacher, Customer Service employee and Account Manager between others. After years working in different companies and not feeling completely fulfilled, I realized that my mission was to support others in living a meaningful life, a life with purpose.

    Yoga and healing therapy showed me the way to my heart

    During the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certification, I launched my yoga studio to start sharing the joy and benefits I felt while doing yoga and meditation with mantras. Then I knew this was the right way for me to help others. Later on the loss of my brother put my life upside down. I was lost, I needed orientation. A medium crossed my path and I did healing sessions which made me conscious about the importance of ‘feeling’ and ‘looking at myself’ without judgment. I started to connect deeply to my emotions and an enormous transformation happened. My heart started to open and I joined the path towards self love.

    It’s never too late to start a new life

    During a workshop for energy management I met my Life Coach. I was going through an important transition in my life and I wanted to be sure I was following my intuition and not my mind. I divorced, kept working on myself and practiced yoga and meditation more than ever. I started singing mantras and playing the guitar for myself and during the yoga lessons. I decided to share my diary through my songs. What a discovery! I dared to be me, open hearted, no masks! This was a door opening to my healing journey. It was clear to me, if I wanted to help others I needed to do the work with myself. I started to lead a conscious life accepting myself as I am. Therefore loving all parts of myself, the light and the shadow.

    ‘I Am Love All I need is within Me’

    I had a call to move on to a new way of helping people. Spiritual Coaching was born. The first day of the year I adopted my life’s mantra: ‘I am love, all I need is within me’. I even composed a song about this mantra. In the beginning I only coached friends or family. In 2020 I decided to highlight this service as we were facing globally a life challenge and we need more spiritual guidance. I give daily guidance in social media @dayalyogacoaching on Instagram.

    I am specialized in yoga one on one lessons and spiritual coaching. I also offer group lessons and Yoga-in-Company. I work in different languages, Dutch, English, Spanish and French. I am here to support you in your transformation process so that you can love yourself unconditionally and enjoy your life’s journey.
    Do you want to find yourself again, to experience more self love and connect with your life’s purpose?, then contact me here. I will be happy to support you either with a Yoga or Spiritual Coaching.

    My gift:

    Connect with other souls from heart to heart, not only energetically but also through the language.

    I help you intuitively! I won’t tell you what to do or how your future will look like. In order to transform ourselves we need to be in a process of change, become aware of old patterns, let them go and heal past pain by becoming conscious about it. Metamorphosis only happens when you feel an urge to shift from your comfort zone to the unknown, to the new.


    As a kid I loved to dance. As an adult I still love to dance and I integrated the yoga discipline to my daily life. For me meditating and practicing yoga asanas is part of the human primary necessities. We need to maintain our ‘temple’ (body) and our mind in good health. As we train our body we train the mind.


    I love being in nature and spending as much time as possible close to the sea. I’m a vegetarian and I enjoy working with numerology which I also use with my clients. Since I started practicing gratefulness, I count my blessings. I have a lovely cat, Tofu, who is for me a living example of unconditional love.

    Mantra Music

    Following the Kundalini Yoga tradition we sing mantras during the yoga lessons. Singing mantras, either aloud or only in your mind, is a conscious method to control your thoughts and redirect them. The sounds have a direct impact on your body, mind and soul.When we use a specific combination of sounds, we tune into our consciousness.

    Kundalini yoga uses the science of the Naad. The Naad is a harmonious process where we can experience a divine connection. It is the primary sound of all times and for all languages.

    It stimulates the movement of the tongue with the use of language and the brain chemicals alterations.

    The tongue movement stimulates the meridian points and this activates the hypothalamus.

    Due to the sound repetition the brain chemistry changes what has an impact on our thoughts. The immune system gets strengthened as well. Finally this process has a direct effect on your intelligence, intuition and increases the power of compassion.

    During my yoga lessons I play the guitar and sing mantra music. The students love it

    and sing together with me. It turns to be an inner journey where your body vibrates in a higher energy field.

    If this resonates with you, send me a message here.