Fall morning before teaching Yoga. I am Love including my shadow!

I am love, all I need is within me. When I read this the first time, I thought for myself: Wow beautiful mantra, it resonates with me! I started repeating it to myself everyday and even prepared a canvas with the mantra painted on it. It is strange to stop seeking outside something or someone to fulfill your needs, emptiness or expectations. Once you get initiated in this transformative process you change your life.

From childhood towards awareness

When I was a kid, I used to dream about the man of my life as a purpose of life. According to this philosophy, life would be settled down once you find a loving husband and you have kids with him! Deep inside me I always new that I had another mission, here on Earth.

Couple of years later I realized this is all part of a social dream, an illusion. Even though I can’t give a precise meaning for Love, I do believe it is care, compassion, helping, sharing, understanding, listening, supporting, bliss or just the state of being. Since I started this process of self love and understand better day by day what this means. I can add one more word to love, it is accepting and allowing what is!

Awakening & Acceptance

I got it! It’s also accepting the shadows, the darkness and painful moments you might encountered in your path. Why? Because by accepting and letting them be, you allow yourself to be just as you are. No one else but you, your ‘raw’ you. I have experienced low energy moments accompanied by negative emotions, frustrations cause things were not happening as expected. Then I started using the mantra ‘to let go’. It sounds easy, get rid of what’s not serving you anymore. This mantra has definitely supported me in reaching me. Cause when you love yourself, all that is not serving you will disappear from your life. Then it creates space for new beginnings. So what doesn’t resonate with you anymore will fade away. Therefore, the more these layers leave you, the more you connect and start having this intimate authentic relationship with yourself.

I call this ‘falling in love with myself’. Therefore I am love, all I need is within me!

Finally, my Kundalini Yoga Sadhana (yoga and meditation daily practice) has been supporting me along this process. I feel really grateful that I’ve been through the darkness to see the Light and feel the Love within. For more information about Kundalini Yoga contact me.