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Yoga women’s circle


This year I attended to my first Yoga Women’s Circle in the Netherlands. I had done that already in Portugal during the Ashran week at Quinta do Rajo. I really appreciate

Yoga women’s circle2021-02-22T09:05:11+01:00

Post Natal Healing


I was invited to a posnatal ceremony, called “rebozo”. This ritual is about giving back the fire element to the woman. After the labour this element is disperse and during

Post Natal Healing2021-02-22T09:12:38+01:00

Pranayama Workshop


We are occupied the whole day accomplishing all kind of tasks or doing our to do list, either at our jobs or at home and we actually don't take the time to breathe consciously.

Pranayama Workshop2021-02-22T09:10:02+01:00

Being Thankful


I feel thankful that I had the possibility to teach Kundalini Yoga to a group of inmigrants in the Netherlands. When I received the invitation I realized it was the

Being Thankful2021-02-22T09:11:34+01:00

Opzoek naar wit is opzoek naar rust!


Ik ben een persoon die meestal van kleuren houd. Mijn liefde voor kleuren zie je terug in de inrichting van mijn huis: veel oraje, paars en de mahonie houten kleur van

Opzoek naar wit is opzoek naar rust!2021-02-22T10:14:29+01:00

Leven met het rhytme van de mantra’s


Mijn dag begint altijd met mijn spirituele praktijk. Ik word wakker dan stap ik uit bed richting de badkamer waar ik een ‘splash’ water in mijn gezicht doe, vooral de ogen,

Leven met het rhytme van de mantra’s2021-02-22T10:16:38+01:00

Meditation is like brushing your teeth


Start your days with meditation just before the sunrise. As kids we learn rapidly all things we need to do everyday to keep a good hygiene and health.

Meditation is like brushing your teeth2021-02-22T10:19:02+01:00

Plan a conscious start for 2016 with Yoga!


Commit to yourself and start building a discipline in the New Year. Plan a conscious start for 2016 with Yoga. When the year ends we might make a review of our past actions

Plan a conscious start for 2016 with Yoga!2015-12-26T13:25:46+01:00

How yoga can help you to manage stress


In a moment of panic or stress think about all these great techniques you learn during the kundalini yoga lessons. Don’t let your mind take over. You don’t want the emotions to work against you.

How yoga can help you to manage stress2015-12-16T13:08:06+01:00

Your yoga life begins when you step out your yogamat


Step out your yogamat and experience the yogi life. I have been doing kundalini yoga and meditation a few years but recently I’ve realized that as human beings we need to spend time

Your yoga life begins when you step out your yogamat2015-12-04T17:55:40+01:00
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