At Domburg, Zeeland, during my beach meditation.

While doing a beach meditation I feel closer to my real ‘me’ being at the sea. Back to the nature, to embrace my soul. I spent a few days at Zeeland, the Netherlands. It was wonderful to be again nearby the sea, after the summer holidays in my home land. In the early morning I started the day with my morning yoga and meditation set. Afterwards I went for a short jogging along the coast.

I grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, surrounded by the sea. As a kid I enjoyed holidays at the beach. Later on it became a meeting point with friends and lately it is a place where I go when I need to go back to my center. To practice yoga and meditation.

Water is life

Our body is 70% water. We do have a close relationship with this element. Water is in myself and in my surroundings. We drink water, we wash ourselves with water, we cook with water. We clear our thoughts meditating close to the water or listening to the waves or water falls. Our health and body balance depends on water.


Waterfalls in my home land.

Cold showers as hydrotherapy

Every morning I take a cold shower to flush my organs, to stimulate blood circulation. I also splash cold water on my eyes and cheeks. This is called Hydrotherapy. This technique is part of the Kundalini Yoga lifestyle. It hits the nervous system. This is how I prepare myself to face the daily challenges. Then I drink a glass of water with lemon before starting my morning yoga set and meditation. Even when I’m not meditating at the beach, I can visualize it in my mind.

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