Walking at Strijp, Eindhoven, I read this message written on a container: ‘Je bent jezelf’.

Being myself, becoming myself

Being myself has become my goal in life. We are constantly influenced in our society by all kinds of external factors: social media, advertisements, friends, family and more. And we dream of who we want to be. Therefore we’re never happy with who we really are. Once you start living in conciousness you begin to accept yourself as you are.

My gray hair

Sinds the age of 15 I have gray hair. For years long I wanted to hide them because people would make remarks like: ‘it’s time to dye your hair’ or ‘you look older’. One year and a half ago I was up to do this robotic action again. My color package was open, ready to be used. Until I said ‘stop’ to myself: ‘Stop doing it for others.’ What do you really want? I want to be just as I am. Just being myself!

Thanks to my Kundalini Yoga practice I have reached a point were I just want to be myself!

Listening to a lecture from my Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Last week I listen to an interview with Shiv Charan Singh, my Kundalini Yoga Teacher from Portugal. The topic of the conversation was ‘The Journey of Becoming’. I was touched by several affirmations because it’s just what I’m going through.

  • Accept incarnation
  • Let go of the past and the future
  • We’re on hold, we feel limited.
  • You need to feel your presence, be with your senses.
  • Don’t say: ‘I have to be myself’. I shouldn’t feel guilty but I do.’
  • I’m becoming myself…like a stone that turns into a beautiful art object after been molded by an artist.
  • Get rid of attachments. This is the ‘carefree’ philosophy. Care about others but without worrying.
  • In the same way that a tree is already a tree, I’m becoming what I’m already.
  • Be in the process of becoming.
  • The self is already there but it’s dormant, resting!
  • As a rock becomes a diamond!

Thanks to my practice of Kundalini Yoga I have been going through a tremendous transformation process where you go from duality towards an infinite potential being. Unfold your soul, your real ‘you’.


Being myself, becoming myself with my gray hair!

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