The Healthy Cold Shower


A few years ago, during my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, I was invited to take the healthy cold shower in the morning. The idea was to awaken our circulation, to flush

The Healthy Cold Shower2021-04-20T15:07:55+02:00

Gobinday Mukanday


Yes!!! Last week I published my clip on YouTube with the mantra Gobinday Mukanday Udaray Aparay Hariang Kariang Nirnamay Akamay. Literally it means: Sustaining, Liberating, Enlightening, Infinite, Destroying, Nameless, Desireless.Why this mantraGobinday Mukanday is a

Gobinday Mukanday2021-04-15T20:27:41+02:00

Spiritual Guidance, feeling grateful!


Spiritual Guidance supports me all the way! I listen to my intuition cause my soul knows the path. Thanks to Spiritual Guidance I keep up with my work in-progress. When

Spiritual Guidance, feeling grateful!2021-03-24T14:05:35+01:00

Kundalini Yoga kan helpen bij de transformatie


7 Jaar geleden heb ik mijn eerste Kundalini yoga les gehad. Tijdens de eerste les heb ik iets speciaals diep in mezelf gevoeld. Op dat moment kon ik het nog niet precies uitleggen. Nu weet

Kundalini Yoga kan helpen bij de transformatie2021-02-22T08:42:30+01:00

Spiritueel Coaching


What means Spiritual Coaching? First of all you can tell me something about yourself and what you expect from the coaching. You can lay down or sit in a relaxation posture while I sing

Spiritueel Coaching2021-02-22T08:45:59+01:00

Shifting into a new path


Shifting into a new path. In this end of year I listen to my heart and let go all I can’t control, all I was holding to in 2018. I keep

Shifting into a new path2021-03-24T14:03:08+01:00

I am love, all I need is within me


Fall morning before teaching Yoga. I am Love including my shadow! I am love, all I need is within me. When I read this the first time, I thought

I am love, all I need is within me2021-02-22T08:49:53+01:00

Back to Myself!


It has been a while since I published my last blog. I’ve been going through an incredible path the last year. Now I’m back to myself! I decided to leave my

Back to Myself!2021-02-22T08:48:50+01:00

Business Yoga Everywhere


I give Business Yoga at my workplace. I see how people can feel transported from the office atmosphere to their center and be fully connected with themselves. I had also proposed

Business Yoga Everywhere2021-02-22T08:51:17+01:00

Being myself, becoming myself


Walking at Strijp, Eindhoven, I read this message written on a container: ‘Je bent jezelf’. Being myself, becoming myself Being myself has become my goal in life. We

Being myself, becoming myself2021-02-22T08:52:35+01:00
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