How yoga can help you to manage stress


In a moment of panic or stress think about all these great techniques you learn during the kundalini yoga lessons. Don’t let your mind take over. You don’t want the emotions to work against you.

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Your yoga life begins when you step out your yogamat


Step out your yogamat and experience the yogi life. I have been doing kundalini yoga and meditation a few years but recently I’ve realized that as human beings we need to spend time

Your yoga life begins when you step out your yogamat2015-12-04T17:55:40+01:00

Yoga Lifestyle Week


I was invited to be the interpretor of a yoga student who is following the training to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. The occassion was the Ashran week in Quinta do Rajo, Portugal. This means

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Doorgaan met mijn leven op aarde.


Eind 2014 heb ik besloten om een meditatie te gaan doen die zorgt voor het openen van je hart en dat je licht straalt. Ik heb meteen besloten om een ‘commitment’ met mezelf te maken:

Doorgaan met mijn leven op aarde.2015-05-26T08:43:33+02:00

Yoga lessons One on One


Yoga Lessons 1 on 1 Do you prefer to follow One on One yoga lessons? Dayal Yoga offers personalized lessons tailor made. You can choose the theme for your lessons. For example you would

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