The day begins with a session of breathwork for healing and you would say: to heal what? What are the symptoms? I’m not sick physically speaking but my heart might be carrying old trauma. Since last March I’ve been discovering the benefits of breathwork with different disciplines and for the last 9 years I’ve been practicing breathing (Pranayama) exercises with yoga.

Breathwork is a common practice nowadays

Although I have introduced conscious breathing to my daily life and I have had coaching with breathwork and followed workshops, it wasn’t until now that I have grown into the discipline. Every single day my day starts with conscious deep breathing. Sometimes I follow a guided breathwork session. Other days I use yoga pranayama exercises or follow my own intuitive guidance.

Lately I had a guided one who took me into a deep healing and enlightened sensation. I felt a magic bliss on my heart centre and started crying of joy. I received a message:

‘Healing starts where a sea of Love meets the sunlight.’

The importance to work on the heart chakra

In the heart chakra we find the life force, the ‘prana’. And when we work to keep a good energy balance we can release any emotions or traumas from the past. It can be fully liberating. This is absolutely breathwork for healing. When we start living from our hearts, listening to our intuition and breathing consciously while releasing fear and pain, then life serves us with what our soul needs.

Spirit has supported me all the way, also putting the right people on my path. The souls I meet on my way are so aligned with my purpose that they help me to accelerate my process, my learnings. Yes, as a Spiritual Coach and Yoga Teacher, I have my own things to take care while I can serve others.

We are here to support each other and it is our own responsibility to own our life, to recognize the issues that need more awareness and healing. Remember: the more you heal and raise your love vibration, the more you lift up others.

Whenever you feel the call to do breathwork for healing combined with yoga and meditation, I will be here to guide you. Feel free to connect with me.

Breathe deeply in and bring your attention to your heart chakra. This is breathwork for healing!

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