Business Kundalini Yoga available for all workplaces.

Business Kundalini Yoga Eindhoven

More and more companies are opening fitness clubs at the workplace, including yoga lessons in their program. Business Kundalini Yoga is now available in the Eindhoven area.

We all try to avoid stress either by doing sports, fitness or a yoga discipline and meditation. It has been proof that practicing yoga and meditation regulates your nervous system. Therefore you can cope better with daily work challenges.

A little bit of Science

Yoga influences the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, which both form the Autonomic Nervous System. The yoga asanas or postures help us to improve the reaction of the parasympathetic system also called the braking system. Thanks to this system we can handle stress. Another fact is that yoga exercises or regular physical activity help our bodies in regenerating new cells.

Advantages of Yoga at the workplace

The advantages of practicing yoga at the workplace is that you don’t need to go back home and then go to yoga classes. After a stressful busy day, you just need to change clothes and walk in the meeting/yoga room for one hour of yoga and meditation. My experience is that people even forget where they are.

The benefits for the company are countless. People who feel happy in their bodies and minds perform better than someone who doesn’t practice any yoga discipline. It can also avoid absenteeism.

Business yoga lessons can be given in a meeting room with windows, when possible, and the lesson can take from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.

The effect of practicing kundalini yoga is inmediate. Kundalini yoga helps man to find the balance between body, mind and soul.

Why Kundalini yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is available for everyone, also beginners. It helps man to find the balance between body, mind and soul. It is also called the Yoga of Awareness. The lesson consists on a warming up, set of yoga exercises, called kriya, relaxation exercise and at the end a meditation. We use mantras, breathing techniques and asanas (postures). Each lesson has a theme. The attention is given to a body part or organ or just to the essence of being.

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