I give Business Yoga at my workplace. I see how people can feel transported from the office atmosphere to their center and be fully connected with themselves. I had also proposed my manager to let me give some yoga during the next sales meeting and finally he agreed on my proposal. During the last sales meeting I had the opportunity to give 3 yoga sessions to my colleagues. Business Yoga everywhere.

It was fantastic to see how people could interact with the teacher (me) being out of the context for a couple of minuts. The idea was to make people more aware and let their energy circulate again. There was definitely a good connection. They enjoyed it and at the end I got an applause from the group.

The idea behind this to let people relax, strecht out and get them focused again. After sitting the whole day listening to the presentations.

Advantages of Yoga at the workplace

The advantages of practicing yoga at the workplace is that you don’t need to go back home and then go to yoga classes. After a stressful busy day, you just need to change clothes and walk in the meeting/yoga room for one hour of yoga and meditation. My experience is that people even forget where they are.

The benefits for the company are countless. People who feel happy in their bodies and minds perform better than someone who doesn’t practice any yoga discipline. It can also avoid absenteeism.

Business yoga lessons can be given in a meeting room with windows, when possible, and the lesson can take from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.

The effect of practicing kundalini yoga is inmediate. Kundalini yoga helps man to find the balance between body, mind and soul.

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