Walking in the woods I noticed a mushroom hanging on a tree.  Are you clinging to an illusion? Years ago I felt very attracted to an unavailable man. He was kind to me but didn’t have other intention that being my friend. Have you ever experienced this?

Clinging to an illusion does not only happen when you’re in love with someone, it can also happen with a job, friendship, house, even with a product you believe in. We make our mind story and believe it to the point that we work hard to keep the illusion alive.

It’s important to dig in and understand why we need to believe something that is not true. Is it because you don’t see your own worth that you expect others to like you so that you can cope being with yourself?

How long do you want to live in this mind story? It is only keeping you away from your truth. In reality you suffer for something deeper. You have pain because of rejection. You feel you don’t have the love and your life becomes a chaos. Stop believing your mind stories. The only and real truth is that you are already the love with or without partner, with or without job, with or without your dream house, etc…

Spiritual guidance can help you to learn about your energy, what is hanging in your mind and in your heart space. It’s a way to come into action to stop that clinging to an illusion.

Read about Spiritual Boost and check if it resonates with you. If it does, book your coaching here to get a reading about your head and heart space.

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