Yes!!! Last week I published my clip on YouTube with the mantra Gobinday Mukanday Udaray Aparay Hariang Kariang Nirnamay Akamay. Literally it means: Sustaining, Liberating, Enlightening, Infinite, Destroying, Nameless, Desireless.
Why this mantra
Gobinday Mukanday is a powerful mantra to purify one’s magnetic field. This is a protective mantra and it helps to cleanse the subconscious mind. Besides it balances the brain, both hemispheres and brings qualities as compassion and patience when you meditate on it.
I used to sing the mantra while playing the guitar during my Yoga lessons or Spiritual Coaching. A couple of months ago after having done my morning meditation, I felt an urge to write. Normally I have notebooks available everywhere but this time I grabbed the first paper on my sight and released the download I had on my mind. It felt so liberating. Honestly, there was not that much to write but the message is extremely powerful. When I sing it I get goose bumps.

Here it is:

“Estás consciente de tu belleza y lo que llevas en tí
No te limites habla tu verdad y hazte sentir
Se paciente contigo mismo y deja crecer la compasión en tí”
Are you aware of your beauty and what you carry in you
Don’t hold yourself back to speak up your truth and make sure you’re heard
Be patient with yourself and let the compassion grow in you

Once I had the text in my hands I thought: ‘okay and now what? Without thinking it twice I took my guitar and started playing and singing Gobinday Mukanday. Immediately I felt my text belonged to this mantra. Later on I searched the exact meaning of the whole mantra and I realized that intuitively I did a match between my song and the mantra. When you meditate on this mantra you develop qualities such as compassion and patience.

I invite you to find a moment to meditate on Gobinday Mukanday. It takes 3 minutes. Breathe-in, breathe-out and listen…
Watch the YouTube video clip here or listen to the SoundCloud audio version here.
Do you feel like connecting more with your own intuitive power either using meditation techniques with mantra or by following a Spiritual Coaching with healing? Contact me.