Have you noticed how your emotions become more palpable in the winter season? There is nothing wrong about feeling our emotions. To the contrary it is important to feel them through our body, to experience them and let them go. It is necessary to learn how to work on your emotional balance.

Of course emotions can carry negative or positive energy. When they are positive you want more of that, who wouldn’t. On the other hand when they have a bigger negative impact on you, it can drive you to burn out yourself. There are tools to teach us how to cope with emotional charge.

Yoga and meditation are excellent disciplines that we can practice on a daily basis and help us coping with stress and emotional rollercoaster. Let’s be clear, women have a 28 day moon cycle and our moods change every 2 1/2 days. When you know you’re getting your period shortly, you will need to be kind to yourself, after your menstruation you can build up again towards more physical activity.

On Sunday, 6th of March 2022 at 11:00 am CET I’m giving a workshop to teach women how to cope with emotions. We’re using different techniques: yoga, meditation, affirmations, breathwork and aromatherapy. You can join online or live at Dayal Yoga’s space in Eindhoven. The fee is € 25 and it includes the 2 hours workshop and tea with a healthy snack. There is no refund possible.

To register fill in the contact form and please specify if you’re joining online or live cause spots are limited. Once you enrol, you receive the link for the Zoom platform if you have chosen the online option.

After the class you will know:

✅Which yoga and meditation exercises can support you when going through an emotional rollercoaster

✅Which essential oils can support you during the challenging moments

✅You get a take away with 2 essential oils you can try at home

How to learn to work on your emotional balance is essential for all women having a busy live and little time for themselves.

Therefore set time apart for self care. At the end if you’re balanced, the people with whom you share your life will benefit as well and you’ll enjoy much more your own company 😉

Sign-up here.