In a moment of panic or stressIMG_20150913_181202 think about all these great techniques you learn during the kundalini yoga lessons. Don’t let your mind take over. You don’t want the emotions to work against you. Don’t let this happen, be the boss of your daily life experiences.

Something very easy to do, try to come back to a conscious breathing where you are the actor and not the victim. This is the moment you were waiting for a long time to test your nervous system, close your eyes and concentrate on the inhale and exhale through the nose. Second take a full glass of water and third, talk to someone if you aren’t capable to stay calm. The other person might take you back to earth, back to reality. Keep breathing consciously and feel your navel contracting as you exhale. Inhale through the nose while you make your lungs bigger and push your navel towards the spine as you exhale.

Another option is going for a walk meditation and simultaneosly you say a mantra in your mind. A good and powerful one is Wahe Guru, which means from darkness to light. It will support you going through difficult moments. It will help as well dismissing all the negative energy in your inner self and in your surrounding. The mantras can be said in your mind at any time but when you feel threatened.

These stategies are to be practiced consciously and with some experience they become an available asset 24/24 hours. And remember that yoga is available to be used throughout the day. Use it!