Giving yoga lessons in Eindhoven

Kundalini Yoga lessons Eindhoven in 2018

Kundalini Yoga at Dayal Yoga has gone through a transition the last years. In 2014 I officially launched my yoga business giving Kundalini Yoga lessons in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I started teaching during the Yoga Teacher Training.

My enthusiasm to teach was so intense that I started before being 100% ready.  My training coordinator gave me green light to start. Woohoo, I couldn’t believe that this was possible! I started with one person. Then a second came and so on. One day I met a mother from school and her partner is a Web builder. My website was even ready before I got my certification.

Transition following my inner guidance

I was loyal to my Kundalini Yoga Teacher teachings, also with the basic code for the teacher wearing white clothes and covering the head. Because I always enjoy wearing hats, I didn’t oppose myself to the head cover or turban. After a couple of years I felt the need to bring more of me into my teacher’s outfit. I started wearing outfits with colours combined with white and sometimes even keeping my hair loose with a bandana or similar. The connection I could experience while teaching was the same than when I was all white.

News about the Kundalini Yoga founder

Beginning of 2020 came to the light the real Yogi Bhajan (founder of Kundalini Yoga) due to a published book from one of his followers. This woman was part of his community in the United States and his assistant. The name of the book is Premka: White Bird in a Golden Cage: My Life with Yogi Bhajan, from Pamela Saharah Dyson.

You can find more information here.

What’s next

Part of the Kundalini Yoga teachers of my community stopped teaching this type of yoga and others took the opportunity to be more flexible with the structure of the lessons. What has changed for me: I don’t wear a head cover anymore and I wear different colours when I teach. My lessons are much more authentic. I give the Kundalini Yoga kriya (set of yoga exercises) as I learnt it at school, I use the mantras but I’m flexible with the sacred music I use.

Before starting the kriya I teach face yoga and use Hatha yoga asanas (postures). My lessons also have a touch of Yin yoga cause I’m enjoy this discipline as well.

Kundalini Yoga and me is a love story. This yoga has transformed my whole life and I am grateful for that. My yoga students are aware about the transition and they appreciate my lessons.

Sat Nam, Wahe Guru,

Doriana/Har Dayal Kaur (my spiritual name that I received during my Teacher Yoga training)


Kundalini Yoga lessons Eindhoven

Kundalini Yoga lessons Online from Dayal Yoga Studio in Eindhoven in 2021