Kundalini Yoga

is the yoga of awareness

It makes your body, mind and soul aware thanks to the kriyas (set of exercises), the breathwork, the meditations and the use of mantras. Kundalini Yoga is a mix of various yoga methods.

Some benefits of practicing yoga:

  • Intuition development which helps you in making the right choices for you.

  • Strengthens your aura (electromagnetic field). When your aura is strong you stay true to your real identity and far from negative influences.

  • Helps you in keeping an emotional balance and neutral thoughts.

  • Strengthens your nervous system.

  • Keeps your glands in balance and cleanses your blood.

  • Makes you aware of the way you react to a situation and promotes connection with your true feelings.

  • Release stress symptoms. The best way to deal with tension is practicing yoga on a daily basis.

During the Kundalini Yoga lesson we use mantras. To start we tune in with the mantra ‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’, we call upon the teacher in ourselves to guide us through the divine wisdom.

Try out the Yoga exercises for the navel

Try out the Yoga exercises for the neck

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    The rapid effect on your body, mind and soul.

    Kundalini Yoga develops the power of your intuition; of your inner voice.

    This helps you to make the right choices in life. When you chant the mantra ‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’, you are in contact with all the spiritual teachers who protect you.

    You call upon your spiritual teacher to guide you, to protect you. Chanting the mantras has a direct effect on your body, mind and soul.

    Yoga Lesson 1 on 1

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    Dayal Yoga offers personalized lessons tailor made.

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    You can follow a private lesson about a specific subject. For instance, to learn how to meditate or to work on the heart chakra opening.

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    You decide what you prefer to work on. We plan an intake appointment via a phone or Skype call and we can evaluate what your needs are and make a plan together.

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    Class schedule

    Kundalini Yoga lessons

    Monday: from 17.45 until 19.00 hrs. CET Location: Douglashout 81, Eindhoven (Online lesson available)

    Tuesday: from 19.30 until 20.45 hrs. CET Location : Douglashout 81, Eindhoven (Online lesson available)

    Wednesday: upon appointment

    Thursday: from 20.00 until 21.15 hrs. CET Location: Douglashout 81, Eindhoven (Online lesson available)

    Saturday: from 10.45 until 12.00 hrs. CET

    Summer season at Philips de Jonghpark (10.35 hrs CET meeting point Parkpaviljoen)

    From October is indoors at Douglashout 81, Eindhoven

    *Yoga lessons One on One, Yoga In-Company and coaching are available upon appointment.

    Book your appointment here or email to info@dayalyoga.nl

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    The lessons and coaching are available in English, Dutch, Spanish and French. For more information contact me.

    5 yoga lessons for 65 euro

    Payment in advance

    This lessons must be follow within 2 months after payment

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    15 euro per yoga lesson

    Payment in advance

    Plan your yoga lesson

    11 euro for a trial lesson

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    One on one Yoga lesson (1 hour)

    55 euro

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    Yoga In-Company

    Prices are given upon request.

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    Kundalini Yoga strengthens your aura

    When your aura is strong, you stay true to yourself and far from negative influences. Yoga balances your emotions and supports your neutral mind.

    Upon completion of the exercises we lay down on the yoga mat to enjoy a whole relaxation. In this way you give your body the opportunity to heal.

    Yoga helps you to release stress symptoms. The best way to deal with tension is practicing yoga on a daily basis.

    You find protection in yourself. You become yourself and understand your relation to the cosmos. You stay closer to your soul’s purpose to find your destination.

    Try Yoga exercises for the navel

    Try Yoga exercises for the neck

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      “Dayal Yoga helps me find physical and spiritual balance through meditation and yoga exercises. Every session has benefits to enhance certain parts of my body. After following the course for more than 7 years, I notice that my body becomes more flexible and my muscles are getting stronger.”

      Fety Tjiptowidjojo

      “I discovered Kundalini Yoga by accident, after practicing Hatha yoga for years.

      I was amazed by the direct effect of the exercises, both physical and mental.

      Yoga gives me back so much positive energy. It is a powerful yoga form where the focus is not on performance. I like the changing, dancing, the challenging kriyas (exercises) and the peaceful meditations. Doriana educates us with humor, loving care and pedagogy.

      She explains us the ‘how and why’ and encourages us to discover ourselves in different ways.”


      Kundalini Yoga makes me move, release tensions and feel a sense of peace throughout my whole body. I feel more grounded and centered. I have found a practice that also influences positively my mental health. Doriana is inspiring and manages to teach how this physical and spiritual practice can be integrated into our daily life. Her studio is a bubble of serenity and kindness to practice in a relaxing atmosphere. Doriana is able to transpose this atmosphere and the benefits of Kundalini yoga to the online lessons as well.

      Marie Heyberger