Everyday we are all confronted with letting go of situations, in other words we are invited for transformation, for change. Years long people stay at the same job because they prefer to do something they already know. I can tell you all about it because I did the same.

Is this you?

  • Our mind convinces us that we are at the right place and even when our heart or intuition is guiding us somewhere else, we try to persuade ourselves that we are doing the right thing.

  • Fear is always behind this. We are afraid we won’t find another job we like or lose our freedom. You always have a choice. There are 2 meanings of F.E.A.R. you can find on internet: ‘Forget everything and run’ or ‘Face everything and rise’.

  • As this happens with our jobs, it happens with changing home, city or country. Stepping out of a relationship or friendship that’s not aligned anymore with who you truly are.

  • You put yourself last on your priority list by giving importance to everything that you find as an excuse to validate your actual status because it feels safe. In reality, you want to change, get our of your comfort zone but you don’t know how.

Are you ready for letting go and sail away from your safe harbour?

What’s next?

You can find guidance for your path when you quiet your mind. Thanks to Spiritual Coaching, Yoga and meditation practice you can make contact with your inner you and trust yourself.

If you feel, for whatever reason, that you are stuck in your actual situation and you want to find more answers to your questions, you can chat with me to see how can I help you with Spiritual Coaching.

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