Meditation and relaxation for grounding

Meditation and relaxation are two tools to connect with your inner self

For years I tried to meditate and I couldn’t succeed in staying quiet for some minutes. My mind was busy and quick and I got lost in ideas and self judgement. The first time I could really relax was during a Hatha Yoga lesson. Later on when I studied Mind & Meditation, as part of the Yoga Teacher training, I discovered all the aspects of the Mind and how it can make you feel miserable. Thanks to meditation you can connect to your higher self, quiet your mind and receive answers to your questions. When you meditate and relax you build a healthier and happier life as you step out of the ego mind.

Meditation and Relaxation was born at Dayal Yoga when some customers wanted a lesson softer than yoga without doing much effort with their bodies. People are looking forward to a moment to release all control and let go of everything for an hour.

A way to say good bye to

❌physical effort



❌busy mind

Are you too busy in your mind and in need to be guided regularly to attain peace within?

Then Meditation and Relaxation is for you.

You’ll be able to

✳️Do breathwork

✳️Stretch out your body

✳️Feel your presence in this moment

✳️Let your body smelt on the ground

✳️Get a guided meditation

✳️Enjoy relaxation and meditation music

✳️Benefit from Aromatherapy

How Meditation is good for you and supports your mental health in a positive way?

✳️Reduces stress

✳️Diminishes anxious feelings

✳️Promotes emotional health

✳️Helps to focus (concentrate)

✳️Stimulates compassion towards yourself and others

✳️Supports your sleeping quality

✳️Improves your capacity to cope with pain

Relaxation helps you to recover when your body needs a break. In Yoga we call it Savasana or Corpse pose which means dead body. Therefore this exercise is a great tool to balance your body. It can be practice from 10 minutes to obtain better results. During relaxation we are conscious but just let go resistance, quiet the mind and loose control.

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