Do you recognize this?

*After a long busy day at the office, you arrive home and sit down to meditate. After a couple of minutes you get stuck in your thoughts and don’t know where to find the solutions to all your worries work and family related. Your mind is on turbo speed and you don’t get to stop it. You feel drained. You would rather have stayed in bed today and done nothing.

*You enjoy a good salary and you can support your family well but making money is not what makes you happy. It’s Monday morning and you wish that it was already the weekend. Going to work doesn’t satisfy you anymore, you feel lost and don’t see a future if you keep on like this.

*You don’t sleep well. Every morning you wake up as if you have run in a marathon. The kids will wake up soon. Your mind gets started and you only have time for a short shower before your responsibilities hit you. You feel already down and don’t find any motivation to keep on going.

*You have time to enjoy a cup of tea while being alone at home, the kids are at school and your partner is working at the office. You start overthinking about that conflict you have with your partner. The more you push your negative thoughts away, the stronger they come back. You

find yourself in a negative spiral.

*Although you’re on a spiritual path, life seems to be unfair with all the issues thrown at you. You see problems everywhere and lack of interest in whatever happens at home. You rather watch Netflix than talk to someone. Even your kids notice how you’re absent in your head when they talk to you. You ask yourself: why is this happening to me?

How would that be for you if..

*You could meditate before or after a full office day and really find peace and stillness, instead of being even more confronted with your own racing thoughts and problems.

*You could go to work with a positive vibe being grateful for that job and knowing that you can also have fun and enjoy the ride with the money you earn there. After all, life is not about working only.

*Every morning, after a good night’s sleep, you tune-in with your inner guidance during a meditation moment and trust that all things that need to be done at work or at home will be done in good timing.

*You know how to keep the negative thoughts away, goodbye to the negative spiral. You don’t believe your thoughts anymore. Anyway you’re not your thoughts.

*You see problems as an opportunity to learn and keep on growing on your spiritual path. Your partners and kids are teachers for you and you can give them full attention when you connect with them.

In ‘Rebirth in 90 days’ you learn:

*Yoga, practiced on a daily basis, can boost your energy levels and can prepare you to cope with the challenges of daily life before losing yourself.

*How to train your body and mind through a daily routine which will raise your energy and let your body relax when needed.

*How to go back to a place of stillness where you can simply breathe and meditate.

*How to use aromatherapy to support your emotions.

*How to use oracle cards to boost your confidence on your spiritual path.

This is possible if you join ‘Rebirth in 90 days’

→ You get 5 coaching sessions 1 on 1 of 60 minutes

→ Yoga group lessons 1 x per week during the 3 months of the program

→ 3 Yoga lessons to do at home with video

→ A guided body scan

→ A meditation you can practice everyday

→ Aromatherapy : you get 1 essential oil to relax and 1 to boost your energy

What you take away after the coaching

*You feel the blessings in your daily life, your health, your finances, your friends, family, partner and kids. You go with the flow and trust that the universe is supporting you.

*You see life through another perspective, through other lenses, more positively. You wake up in the morning visualizing your day and you are ready to face any challenges either at work or at home.

*You give yourself time alone going away to recharge and relax without feeling guilty to take vacation and leaving your dear ones at home. There’s more in life than only working!

*Thanks to your daily mind & body routine you get a good boost to start the day.

Investment is € 997

(Possibility of payment plan)

My experience with the coaching was very fulfilling and complete. When I started I was in a very dark place of my life and the universe has thrown me back on my spiritual path. Since I started with the coaching I felt very grounded and safe in this matter. Doriana was really nice and positive to talk with and she has given me a lot of useful advice or energy to continue my path. In the weeks that passed by I really started to become more positive and clear in my feelings and visions for the future. Also the card readings were spot on and gave me a feeling of magic! I’m so glad I did the coaching with her

Freek Seisveld, September 2022 Coaching Program

During the coaching sessions I can forget about work and any other things going on and just be in the moment. Maybe it sounds a bit cliché but it is very zen. And at the end of the coaching session I realize that I have just done a bunch of exercise and but being so in the moment I had noticed our time was already up. It has also made a huge difference for me because Doriana gives me one on one time and it really helps me to have that focused attention.

Kristin Nicholls, 2022

I followed the coaching with Doriana, I enjoyed the journey and insights a lot. I love our talks and I am very grateful for your inspiration, guidance and support. She creates a beautiful atmosphere full of love, peace and humor. What has changed is that I feel more acceptance and hope in my path, that I am going in the right direction and more trust to allow guidance from the universe, (trying to) surrender control.

Stephanie, April 2022 Coaching Program

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Where can I book the 3 months program?

You cannot book ‘Rebirth in 90 days’ online. First we have an Intake online call in half an hour.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can pay in 3 times. Please contact me through the contact form with your request.

Can I follow the program online?

Yes, the program is available to be followed online as well.