You get easily overwhelmed by the busyness in your mind with your tasks at work overday. When the working day ends you find yourself trapped in your mind with all you still need to do.  The agenda is so full, you’re overbooked. You hardly take the time during the day to feel your breath, to feel your emotional charge. As a result you fall into a negative spiral. There’s no time to relax the mind.

At the end of the day, you’re already in bed and the racing thoughts are still there even more present than before. You take the time to analyse your thoughts and once more you get lost in your mind and don’t get to sleep. Do you know that certain breathing techniques can help you to fall asleep?

Breathing technique

When we breathe throught the left nostril we activate the ‘apana’, the cleansing energy, we cool down, feel calm, feel empathy and become more sensitive.

Check out the video below where I share a short pranayama (breathing technique) exercise to relax your mind.  You can do it before going to sleep or even during the day when your mind is out of control.

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