Reset in 6 weeks with Yoga. Moving from a survival mode and negative feelings towards a relaxed body and postive mind.

Do you recognize yourself in this?

Your body feels exhausted and you keep on pushing yourself to go to work and fulfil your responsibilities. After all, you signed a job contract and you need to stay strong and do it.

Even after a working day, you still have the racing thoughts in your mind and no one can stop you from working over time. That’s just the way you are and ‘it is what it is’. Your partner gets annoyed because you don’t make time for the family and friends, you just work, work and work.

Despite your depressed feelings, you’re waiting for the good moment at work to take a holiday instead of going on sick leave, so in the meantime you do your best and it is okay to be less concentrated at work. Your job is very dear to you and you don’t want to do this to your colleagues and be absent when they need you the most.

You keep judging yourself, your mind seems to have an opinion or advice for everything you feel ocnnected with. This habit makes you feel completely stuck in your actual situation and you don’t see the way out.

How would it be to feel…?

Fully energised and enthousiastic in the morning to start our day knowing that you are going to keep calm despiete the challenges that the day might throuw at you.

The sensations in your body are positive, you feel tension free. The busyness in your mind won’t take over because you know what to do to dfind a moment of relaxation to empty your head.

‘La joie de vivre’, you are here for a reason and ready to thrive. Whichever challenge you might face won’t take control of your mind and emotions.

Join us for 6 weeks of Restorative Yoga to invite that deep relaxation in your body and mind, stimulating the reset of the nervous system.

The real effect after the 6 weeks training:

  • Moving from survival mode to a relaxed body and mind

  • Improving your lungs capacity by becoming aware of your breath in this present moment

  • Sleeping better which affects your mood in a positive way

  • Improvement in concentration, better performance in your intellectual activities

  • Finding the sparkle again, feeling the joy of being alive

  • Raise conciousness

Sign-up for the Reset in 6 weeks with Yoga

During 6 weeks long I’ll guide you through the Restorative Yoga and breathing exercises two times per week, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Everytime we meet 60 minutes. If you can’t make it once, you can do it at home with the replay. The Lesson Bundle value is € 192, now you pay € 147 and get a free participation to the next women’s gathering in Eindhoven: ‘El Círculo de la Luz’ on Friday, the 31st of May.

Join us for the Reset in 6 week with Yoga from Tuesday, the 21st of May until Thursday, the 27th of June.

Where? In Eindhoven, close to Philips de JonghPark and the Boschdijk Avenue. You’ll receive the details when subscribed.

When? Every Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks. Tuesdays at 19:00 CET and Thursdays at 20:45 CET. It is possible to join online as well or receive the replay the day after the class. There is only room for 5 participants. Don’t wait to join us!

Sign-up for the Reset in 6 weeks with Yoga



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