Shifting into a new path. In this end of year I listen to my heart and let go all I can’t control, all I was holding to in 2018. I keep on healing the wounds of the past but with an open heart. Shifting into a new path.

Me time is the key now to stay connected with my ‘inner self’ and my soul’s purpose. Invest time in yourself, in your energy. What do I feel? What am I longing for in 2019? In society we tend to say I wish you good health, money and love. But how do you get there?

Your inner work

It all starts with our inner work. Dare to feel your emotions, whatever it is! Start the soul workout: training our minds, living in the present moment, allowing what is, healing wounds of love, breathing consciously, practicing kundalini yoga and meditation, singing, playing an instrument that you love and being connected with nature, among others. Once our inner work is up and running, the love energy is activated and makes the impossible possible. Good health and abundance are the result of a balanced human being allowing the flow of love in life.

How to shift into a new path

In this end of year, I surrender to what is NOW. I don’t focus on the pain or difficulties I went through in 2018 but the lessons I have learned, the Spiritual Growth. All is part of our soul’s contract. So keep moving and receive 2019 with the faith that all unfolds in a divine timing when we’re ready to step into the next level of consciousness. Keep up the grace, kindness, compassion, gratitude and stay in your Dharma path. ‘Dharma means the righteous path of duty. Where there is dharma there is no karma. Action aligned with one’s Infinite Self. The central organizing principle of the cosmos.’ (Source: The Aquarian Teacher).

Love yourself above all!

Sat Nam! Wahe Guru! Namaste! Amen!

If you want to know more about Kundalini Yoga and how this practice can support you in your life, feel free to contact me.