Spiritual Boost

Are you ready to deepen into your actual situation during a Spiritual Coaching session?

You’re looking for support in a specific situation in your life or you feel lost in your thoughts and you’re willing to look at the root cause from another perspective. After all you only yearn for inner stillness to find yourself again.

You have already decided that you need to let go of your old habits and change. More than ever you’re open to new opportunities and you want to follow your inner voice.

But the reality is different


> You get too busy in your daily life routines and you hardly have time to breathe. Basically your ‘to do list’ is an endless story.

> You hear your friends talking about ‘me time’ and you get frustrated because you don’t have any time for yourself.

> Your kids and partner have been the center of your life for years and you have lost yourself in all these roles.

> You still try to please everyone and never put yourself as first priority.

>You keep hoping that the future will be better.


You are worth it, become the main person in your life:


6 years ago I was there, analyzing my life and being fully unsatisfied with the present moment. At a certain point I turned myself to spiritual guidance besides the yoga and meditation practice. Only you can save yourself. I discovered my inner strength, my true essence, my inner wisdom, often called ‘self love’!

I reached me!!!!

My mantra is: ‘I am Love, all I need is within me’!

Do you want to understand your feelings better? Do you want to have spiritual support to know what the next steps are that you need to take?

Spiritual Boost (75 min)

This Spiritual Boost is ideal when you wish to understand a situation you’re in right now

and you require guidance on the next steps.

The Spiritual Boost includes

● 10 min relaxation with a healing mantra

● 5 to 10 min meditation or breathing exercise

● guidance with Oracle/Tarot cards

One on One session of 75 min costs € 85.

What happens after the Spiritual Boost?

● You get more clarity in your personal situation.

● You know how you can use meditation and conscious breathing to calm yourself.

How is this coaching available?

Spiritual Coaching is available online via Skype or Zoom and in other languages (Spanish, English, Dutch and French) and also international. After the coaching you receive a picture of the cards by email.

Yes, I’m in! Book your 1 on 1 75 min Spiritual Boost here

Karin Trieling

Psychosynthese Specialist

In the coaching session with Doriana I received three oracle cards that are still important and meaningful to me. These (Maria) cards guide me and remind me through the affirmations to the essence of the transformation process I am in. I have made it a habit now to seek the silence daily and pay attention to what my soul longs for. Doriana understands from her intuitive presence the ability to create an atmosphere where I could fully attune myself to myself and the questions that live in me. The session felt like a ritual, in which singing, meditations, affirmations were beautifully shaped.

Mireille van Lierop

The guitar playing immediately relaxes you. A spiritual coaching session with Doriana is a gift for yourself. You are going to let go and become aware. Due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often no longer listen carefully to what we need. It has given me awareness. I spend more time in nature and read a book. When it becomes too much, I have learned to intervene earlier and to take time for myself. Doriana made me see this.