Spiritual Coaching is more than a Tarot reading. I received my first Tarot reading at the age of 14. Before going there I was very curious about what I

would be told concerning my future. In my home land we call the Tarot reader or eventually someone telling you something about your life, ‘espiritista’. He told me that my gift was to help other people and didn’t give me any details on the how. In my Spiritual practice as coach I don’t pretend to tell anyone the future but simply tune in with Spirit and guide clients intuitively.

My childhood and spirituality

As a kid I was always feeling the presence of my grandfather. He passed away long time before my birth, therefore I never got to know him really only by my mother’s stories. On my sleeping room ceiling, we had a concrete broken line with the shape of his face. In a way he was my company during bedtime.
I could spent hours staring at this portrait as I was fascinated by the similitude with his real face. Being raised with catholic values and habits, I was devoted to Mary and the Angels. I spend much time praying at bedtime.

Later on as a mother searching my purpose

Before my son got baptized and I was carrying my third child, I asked the community priest to meet. The catholic church calls that ‘confessing your sins’. For me it was more a need to have a chat with a Spiritual person.
I shared the fact that I felt a call to help others but didn’t know how yet. He said: ‘please focus on your family first and you’ll see in the future. Although I could understand what he meant, I was a bit upset with the advice. Today I understand it was not the Divine moment to start helping others because I needed to do the inner work first.

Today’s reality

Nowadays I connect directly with Infinity and my higher self to consult my actions when struggling with a special situation. When I need guidance I ask the Universe for assistance. I use Tarot, breathwork, yoga and meditate to find the stillness within. After meditation I will intuitively know the answers. Sometimes I don’t receive the message right away but after a couple of days. It depends on my mind’s interference.
Since 2014 I started officially helping other souls with yoga. In 2019 I started with Spiritual coaching. When I support people through Spiritual Coaching, I work intuitively. I tune in with Spirit and mention the whole name of the person before starting the Tarot/Oracle reading session.


What is Spiritual Coaching exactly?

Spiritual Coaching is more that a tarot reading. It’s also about allowing yourself to rest before getting the guidance. That’s the reason why we always begin the session with a healing meditation. The person can either sit or lie down while I sing the healing mantra with the guitar. Once your mind is calmed, we are open to receive Spirit’s guidance through the cards.

Be well, be guided by the Divine!

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