Spiritual Coaching

Find yourself again in 3 months

You have already decided that you need to let go of your old habits and change. More than ever you’re open to new opportunities and you want to follow your inner voice. Spiritual Coaching can support you during your transformation process.

But the reality is different!

> You get too busy in your daily life routines and you hardly have time to breathe. Basically your ‘to do list’ is an endless story.

> You hear your friends talking about ‘me time’ and you get frustrated because you don’t have any time for yourself.

> Your kids and partner have been the centre of your life for years and you have lost yourself in all these roles.

> You still try to please everyone and never put yourself as first priority.

>You keep hoping that the future will be better.


You are worth it, become the main person in your life : hands-on’.

6 years ago I was there, analyzing my life and being fully unsatisfied with the present moment. At a certain point I turned myself to spiritual guidance besides the yoga and meditation practice. Only you can save yourself. I discovered my inner strength, my true essence, my inner wisdom, often called ‘self love’!

I reached me!!!!

My mantra is: ‘I am Love, all I need is within me’!

Do you want to let yourself be guided to discover yourself again?

You can register for the 3 months Spiritual Coaching for € 597.

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Yes, I’m in!

Why Spiritual Coaching?

This is a program to become the main person of your life and find yourself again. Finally you will be creating new habits which quiet your mind and allow you to connect with yourself.

What is included in the Spiritual Coaching 3 months program?

1 on 1 60 min coaching sessions with Oracle or Tarot reading.

○ Where you are now

○ Your soul’s purpose

○ Past, Present & Future

○ Healing ancestors

○ Head & Heart energy

○ Moon guidance for now

● 10 min Meditation with healing mantra. I play and sing for you while you lay down and relax.

● 6 meditation/exercises and audio with healing mantra.

● Answer all your questions during 3 months.

● Numerology reading based on your birth date.

● Access to Yoga lessons online 1 x per week during 3 months.

● You receive 2 essential oils from doTERRA. One oil will relax your mind and the other will lift up your energy.

What happens after Spiritual Coaching?

● You learn how to quiet your mind thanks to the meditations and breathing techniques you learned.

● You get the tools (meditations and exercises) from me that will support you through your transformation process on a daily basis.

● You’ll be more sensitive to listen to your intuition because you’ll trust your inner voice. Therefore you’ll step out of your comfort zone.

● You’ll open your heart to new opportunities and knowledge. In short, people who cross your path will be teachers/guides for you. You will witness more miracles than ever before.

You always have a choice!

You will remain disconnected from yourself as long as you don’t take steps for change.

What do you prefer?

To stay in the situation you already know for years, where you live in a roller coaster of emotions, feeling frustrated and disappointed?

Or do you prefer to do the inner work even when it is painful for a while but you will walk the path that is meant for you, finding yourself again and live the life that you always wanted.


Do you want to let yourself be guided to discover yourself again?

You can register for the 3 months Spiritual Coaching for € 597.

Are you into it? Plan your Free Intake Call here.

Yes, I’m in!

Delia Pasqualini

When I met Doriana I was full of rage and darkness. I was living a tough time owing to a sudden breakup. I cannot forget her words which sounded like the beginning of my awakening:”I always try to see the bright side in everything”. That short sentence opened the door to my spiritual path. Thanks to her, I started looking at the reality, myself and the world around me from a totally different perspective. It was not always that easy: the spiritual awakening is a long way to be pursued and constantly needs to be trained. But if you are available in listening to her message and guidance, you will discover the beauty beneath the surface of things and will bring you to the highest level of wellness. After her coaching, I decided to change my life, leaving my office job and starting a personal business which was one of my biggest dreams❤️❤️❤️❤️