Spiritual Guidance supports me all the way! I listen to my intuition cause my soul knows the path.

Thanks to Spiritual Guidance I keep up with my work in-progress. When I think I’m done with some lessons a new one is waiting for me. Last years I went through big challenges in my personal life. I decided to go for a 180 degrees drastic change, which was needed! During the divorce process, I moved 5 times, started a new social life, dating, dancing, having a new role as a single mom and the most important: being my best friend. I enrolled in different trainings, from yoga to energy management, breathing techniques, face yoga and numerology. My focus was on my self care and spiritual guidance. I worked on my diet, followed a nutritionist program and did different health checks to have a good start of my new life.

First step in my transformation

At a certain point I realized that there was much more out there and I needed to discover my soul’s -purpose. The yoga teacher training opened my eyes and little by little my ex-partner and I grew apart. It was a big step to make the decision not knowing what was waiting for me on the other side of the bridge. One thing was safe for me, my intuition was pushing me to get back to myself, my freedom. As a wife and mom of three, I gave my energy away to have a happy family. But of course, it doesn’t work like that.

Around my 40’s I realized that my life was not fulfilling my deepest desires. I had a wake up call!


I worked hard to get a permanent contract. The international company where I work allowed me to start an internal yoga lessons programme. Once I had stable finances, I got the freedom to step out of my comfort zone .

Finally I was ready to move out and surrender to my heart’s desire. My soul was calling out for liberation of the being. Leaving my home was exciting because I was about to start a new adventure but also sad to leave my past behind.

Self love initiation

This was a huge step to initiate myself to self love. It wasn’t always easy because I was discovering myself for the first time. I spent hours meditating, practising yoga, dancing and talking to friends but also crying. I felt so insecure about the future. The challenge was to deal with my shadow and despair feelings. I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. There was no escape possible. I needed to feel.

What about the pain

I felt the pain of being alone, of not being loved until I dig into my heart and found the love within, the eternal and unconditional love. The spiritual guidance with tarot and oracle cards supported me all the way. For the first time I took the responsibility and ownership of my own happiness. I learnt that when you free yourself form old stuff you make room for new and the Universe serves you with what your soul is longing for.

Then how to start your new path

I started trusting the Divine order of life’s events and surrendered more and more every day. I worked with vision boards, tarot and oracle guidance as spiritual guidance, practiced moon rituals and stayed in the flow of life. Now I live more from my intuition and aware of my self worth, my self LOVE. I am a student of life and yes still in work in-progress. Now I am in a conscious relationship with a wonderful man. Our motto is: ‘We live our lives separately and we share our love together.’ We inspire each other, we grow together, we listen to each other, we understand the emotions and let go the ego attachments.

Today I can help you in your process, you don’t need to solve everything alone. See my Spiritual Coaching program here and contact me here.