Do you feel this?

You feel too busy in your mind to make time for meditation and when your intuition talks to you, you have doubts about the message.

Your daily responsibilities take over and you are stuck in the daily routine working, eating, sleeping,…

You miss connecting with your soul’s true desire. You hesitate if what you hear is your ‘ego’or your higher self.

Join the Spiritual Guidance Workshop

On Friday, the 24th of March 2023, we come together at 19:00hrs to tune in with our collective energy and listen to Spirit’s message, using Tarot & Oracle, concerning our actual path, globally speaking.

There will be a global reading and an individual guidance for now.

We meditate together to raise our frequency of love and abundance.

During the Spiritual Guidance Workshop, I’ll be guiding you with the guitar and the mantra Dhartee Hai. This mantra connects you with the Earth and Heaven and projects it from your heart so that you can attract the opportunities aligned with your soul. It is a call to the Divine.

You will go home warm-hearted and knowing where you’re at and where we are a a collective consciousness.

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What others say about my Spiritual Coaching (Guidance)

Some weeks ago I did a Tarot reading with Doriana. She was able to create a comfortable and assuring atmosphere. It was a great experience that I can definitely recommend. Bernadine Dirks

In the coaching session with Doriana, I recived three oracle cards that are still important and meaningful to me. These (Maria) cards guide me and remind me through the affirmations to the essence of the transformation process I am in. I have made it a habit now to seek silence daily and pay attention to what my soul longs for. Doriana understands from her intuitive presence the ability to create an atmosphere where I could fully attune myself to myself and the questions that live in me. The session felt like a ritual in which singing, meditations, affirmations were beautifulyy shaped. Karin Trieling, Psychosynthese Specialist

A spiritual coaching with Doriana is a gift to yourself. You are going to let go and become aware. Due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often no longer listen carefully to what we need. It has given me awareness. I spend more time in nature and read a book. When it becomes too much, I have learned to intervene earlier and take time for myself. Doriana made me see this. Mireille van Lierop