What means Spiritual Coaching?

First of all you can tell me something about yourself and what you expect from the coaching.

You can lay down or sit in a relaxation posture while I sing a healing mantra for your soul.

After we tune in with the guides and according to the person’s question/intention we can choose Tarot/Oracle cards.

There are different kinds. You can decide intuitively which cards you want to use.

Learn how to trust your intuition to make decisions.

Give direction to your life. Allow your life purpose to show up thanks to the connection with your inner voice.

Understand your spiritual path thanks to Numerology.

How much time is needed?

It takes 30 minutes to one hour.

What are the costs related to this coaching?

For 30 minutes: 29 EUR

For 1 hour: 55 EUR

How is this coaching available?

Spiritual Coaching is available online via Skype or Zoom and in other languages (Spanish, English and French) and also international. After the coaching you receive a picture of the cards by email.

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