19 04, 2021

The Healthy Cold Shower


A few years ago, during my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, I was invited to take the healthy cold shower in the morning. The idea was to awaken our senses, to flush

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17 10, 2016

Yoga women’s circle


This year I attended to my first Yoga Women’s Circle in the Netherlands. I had done that already in Portugal during the Ashran week at Quinta do Rajo. I really appreciate

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11 11, 2015

Yoga Lifestyle Week


I was invited to be the interpretor of a yoga student who is following the training to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. The occassion was the Ashran week in Quinta do Rajo, Portugal. This means

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12 03, 2015

Yoga lessons One on One


Yoga Lessons 1 on 1 Do you prefer to follow One on One yoga lessons? Dayal Yoga offers personalized lessons tailor made. You can choose the theme for your lessons. For example you would

Yoga lessons One on One2021-02-18T23:32:22+01:00
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