Terms and Conditions:


Registration takes place when the customer fills in the contact form or sends an email or Whatsapp message.


The lesson/coaching fee must be paid in advance when the customer books the lesson/coaching. If the customer purchases a Yoga lesson bundle then the transaction must be completed before the first lesson. Same for the coaching, if the customer books a session or a package of coaching sessions he/she needs to pay them in advance.

Whenever the customer is unable to attend the lesson/coaching there is a notice period of 24 hours in advance. Otherwise the customer is charged for the lesson/coaching.

With a lesson bundle of 5 the customer can catch up the lesson within the 2 months of validity and for those of 12, the customer can catch up within the 3 months of validity. With a coaching package of 3 months, the customer can catch up within the 3 months of the program.

Changes and cancellation from Dayal Yoga/Be to Be Yoga & Languages

In case of unforeseen circumstances Dayal Yoga/Be to Be Yoga & Languages has always the possibility to cancel, stop, change or modify a lesson/coaching/workshop. By this it’s meant not enough registration for a lesson/workshop or sickness/unavailability of the teacher/coach.

Dayal Yoga/Be to Be Yoga & Languages keeps the right to change the dates of lessons/coaching and the location. Customers will be informed on time. In this case the customer has the right to cancel his/her participation. The lesson money will be refundable to the customer within 14 days.

Cancellation & termination from customer

In case of cancellation by the customer or either the customer is sick or injured there is no refund possible for the lesson bundle or coaching investment.

In exceptional situations and due to unforeseen circumstances, to be reviewed by Dayal Yoga/Be to Be Yoga & Languages, a solution that suits all parties will be proposed. Also the lesson strip tickets can not be transferred to another person. If the customer needs to change the appointment date, a prior notification of 24 hours in advance is required.

Whenever the customer, for one reason or another, does not want to join for the yoga lesson anymore, it must be informed by sending a written notice by email.


Dayal Yoga/Be to Be Yoga & Languages is not responsible for injuries occurring during the yoga lessons.

Before starting with yoga lessons you must have a medical opinion to know if this is suitable for you according to your health condition.


All information given or shared with Dayal Yoga/Be to Be Yoga & Languages, either written or oral, is treated completely confidential.

Advertisement & Social Media

Pictures taken during the lessons will only be used in social media/advertisement if the customer has acknowledged the existence of them and has agreed upon posting them.


You are welcome to Dayal Yoga/Be to Be Yoga & Languages to do Yoga.

During the lessons you can perform the different exercises energetically and with enthusiasm. However you are asked to be careful when doing the exercises and postures.

Be aware of the impact some exercises might have in your body if you have a particular condition. Whenever you are unsure about practising the Yoga exercises/postures or you do not know if you have a good condition, please consult your doctor.

The instructions and advices given during the Yoga lessons are never a substitute of a

medical treatment or the use of medicine.

There are some limitations for pregnant women and also during the menstruation.

For more information contact the Yoga teacher.