You get lost in your automatized life: work, responsibilities, kids and household. There is nothing surprising in your daily life. You know by heart how your days look like. The stories your mind tells you are old and repetitive. The negative spiral brings you down. You don’t have the energy to do your yoga or meditation. Although you had a good daily spiritual practice now you don’t get to connect to that part of you.

Your soul’s desire

You and me know that no one besides you will take any decision for you that aligns with your soul’s desire. You lie to yourself saying that everything is alright when it’s not. You’re only delaying the back on track to your soul’s call. There is no coincidence why you are reading this right now.

My dream

I had a dream. I was on holiday with a camper and my destination on the roadmap was a ‘heart’, yes a ‘heart’. When I woke up from my dream I thought, well, that’s not true there is no place with that name.

And again this is the mind looking for logical explanations. Later on that day, I realized the powerful message of my dream. As I write this text, I have tears in my eyes. What if our only destination was our heart?  We are seeking so much outside us and the most beautiful destination is within.

Let’s do this together

You are willing to get out of that negative cycle where you feel trapped but you don’t know how. Reach out for a Free Call with me and let’s find your way out together!