A few years ago, during my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, I was invited to take the healthy cold shower in the morning. The idea was to awaken our senses, to flush the organs and to boost our energy before joining the Sadhana (spiritual daily practice).

After the training I lost the habit of the cold shower. I kept on refreshing my feet with cold water and sometimes finish a warm shower with cold water. Never again I felt engaged to take a cold shower unless I was spending a day at the Spa and it’s part of the ritual.
Recently my boyfriend started taking cold showers after doing breathwork and some physical exercises. When he explained me how healthy and energetic he was feeling, I couldn’t help to join him on this adventure. In the beginning I thought about doing it for a month. Now I’m in the middle of my second month and honestly I’m not ready to stop.

Why cold shower?

A cold shower can help you to prevent colds, it tightens your skin, reduces stress, stimulates the immune system and accelerates metabolism. While a warm shower can help you to reduce temporary fatigue, relaxes your muscles, relieves nasal congestion, reduces headaches and cleanses your skin.
My own experience with cold shower has been so positive that I can’t go back to warm shower. My energy levels goes up without caffeine or any other energy booster. It gives me feelings of happiness immediately. Besides I have less tension in my shoulders and neck.

My recipe

I wake up in the morning, do my meditation and breathwork. Then I practice yoga and a few fitness exercises so that I can warm up my body and get ready to step into the cold water. My favourite yoga exercises for the morning are Sun Salutation, Child Pose, Cat-Cow, Spinal Flex, Warrior pose, Pelvic Lifts, Leg Lift and Squats. I add a couple of fitness basic training exercises like: plank, push-ups, sit-ups and lunges.

It’s all about mindset

I noticed that since I take cold showers I feel much more positive energy and my creativity has been really active. It can seem challenging, but once you start you can keep track of your progress and it motivates you to keep on doing it. The main idea is to keep on showing up for yourself. The healthy cold shower can serve you as an energy booster to launch your days and can become fun.

We spent a weekend at Zeeland, the Netherlands. Our challenge was to take a cold bath at 6 degrees Celsius and we did. I had so much fun!!! Now looking forward to the next sea bath 😉
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A view of the sea at Domburg, where we took our first winter cold bath.