The winter solstice is a good timing to go inward and connect with your pure essence. Do a reality check. How are you feeling and how is your body doing? What about your mental health? We keep ourselves busy with work, we spend more time at work than home. If you value the quality of your time, you’ll notice that most of your free time you’re still busy thinking about work and all your responsibilities. You take time off during the holiday season hoping to relax but your mind keeps on running.

The most powerful present your can give yourself and your loved ones now is share your love with them and nourish the time together.

Start by taking time to nourish yourself

The most important relationship you can experience in this lifetime is the authentic relationship you have with you. Enjoy being alone doing nothing. Have a conversation with your soul to know how to go further with your life. Now that the days are still short, get cozy, make space to unwind your mind, take it easy and don’t get a full agenda. Practise yoga, meditation and journaling. This will help you to see things clear.

Connect with your loved ones

Meet your friends and family without expectations. Don’t get too formal. Plan a moment to play together or go for a walk in the woods. Make dinner together and have fun preparing healthy dishes. Take this beginning of the winter season to assess your consciousness and feel. Go with the flow of being: breathe and relax more.

In the video below I share the Spiritual Guidance during this beginning of the winter season.

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