Yoga Class on Demand is for you if you prefer to do yoga at your own convenience. Classes on demand are oriented to work on specific common issues we all have. The sessions take about 30 minutes.

Sitting at the office and spending hours working with the laptop has a negative impact on our lifestyle. We tend to do our shopping online as well. As a result, life becomes much easier but on the other hand we don’t move enough. And not to mention how stress contributes to deteriorate our health.

Do you have the feeling that…?

You want to take time to relax and exercise every week but your days are too short. It feels as if the others plan your agenda. You can’t hardly decide what your days look like.

Every start of the year or every New Moon you set your intentions to take time out to meditate or go for a walk in nature but after a couple of weeks you don’t engage with your commitment anymore.

➤You have a household and you always think it will be easier to take care of yourself when the kids have grown up.

➤Running or going to the fitness club has been your stress free routine but it doesn’t really help in growing your consciousness.

➤You aim to live your life purpose but you get lost in your mind and you lose trust.

➤You want to listen to your intuition before making decisions but you don’t know how.

➤You have diverse health issues or body pains that hold you back.

Therefore Yoga Class on Demand is for you if you want to:

✅Match yoga with your work schedules

✅Improve body flexibility

✅Work on specific areas of your body

✅Practice short yoga sessions

✅Relax your mind

✅Increase consciousness

The lessons are inspired on Kundalini and Yin yoga. You can find more information about the yoga styles here:

Kundalini Yoga

Yin Yoga – DayalYoga

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