Yoga helps to balance your third chakra. The third chakra, also called Manipura it’s all about the action and balance. It’s the will of the spiritual warrior. Physically speaking it is located at the navel area and the solar plexus. The organs included are the liver, the gall bladder, the spleen, the digestive organs, the pancreas and the adrenals.

When the third chakra is balanced you have healthy boundaries. You know exactly what you need and can say ‘no’ to others when something is not aligned with you. Commitment can describe your character. Then you have a good image of yourself and have a strong inner balance. In general you enjoy of good health. A stronger digestive system leads to a better immune system.

To the contrary when the Manipura is out of balance, you see obstacles everywhere. You have issues with digestion and the liver or pancreas. Your life is influenced by an emotional rollercoaster and you miss stamina. Most people with an unbalanced third chakra can have a victim mentality.

Yoga poses to work on the Manipura

  • Stretch pose

  • Sat Kriya

  • Bow pose

  • Fish pose

  • Inclined abdominal twist

  • Spinal half twist (sitting)

  • Inversed triangle pose

  • Sitting twist (Parivritta utkatasana)

In my YouTube video you can enjoy a short yoga practice to balance the third chakra. Besides the yoga exercises, the pranayama (breathing) exercises ‘breath of fire’, balances the Manipura chakra as well. Practice it here.

Some affirmations to balance the Manipura

  • I affirm my personal power and assume complete responsibility for all aspects of my life.

  • I enjoy openness and trust in my relations with others.

  • My commitments supports me in achieving what I desire.

If you feel the need to work more on the balance of your third chakra, Dayal Yoga can support you with 1 on 1 lessons. Contact me.

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