One on one yoga lessons

You are ready to yoga but you prefer to follow One on One Lessons. You can choose the theme you want to explore. The lessons are designed to fulfil your needs. For example you would like to learn how to meditate, then the lessons will be on techniques and practice of meditation.

Other possible subjects are:

● the opening of the heart chakra

● the flexibility of the spine

● breathing techniques

● creating self love

● strengthening the nervous system

● improving the blood circulation

You decide what you want to work on. We plan an intake video call on Skype or Zoom so that you know exactly what to expect from the lessons.

Try out the meditation to relief stress and past emotions

Do you want to know more? Contact Dayal Yoga here.

Keep in mind that the yoga practice is no substitute to a medical treatment.

Before starting with the lessons, plan a visit to your general practitioner and check out if this discipline is a match with you.

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The chance to take a break from my daily work, whether by joining a class activity or by way of a short 1:1 yoga session with Doriana, has had great benefits in allowing me to take a breath; think about something other than work or, better still, nothing at all – and to get my breathing and my physical and mental state into a state of order: re-energized to complete the tasks of the day in a more balanced and effective way.

Grant Macpherson

“I have joined Doriana for the summer lunch and winter “Yoga” sessions. Speaking as a Yoga novice, taking the break at lunch to get away from my desk and computer is very refreshing! It is very nice to spend the time outdoors and taking your mind away from work and customers, for even that short time, makes a lot of difference in how I feel throughout the day and week. I really appreciate Doriana’s joy for yoga and can help even a beginner like me. I would recommend anyone to join. Lately I have switched to Online 1 on 1 Yoga! ”

Kris Nicholls