This year I atteimg_20160902_215944nded to my first Yoga Women’s Circle in the Netherlands. I had done that already in Portugal during the Ashran week at Quinta do Rajo. I really appreciate the circle. Every woman is able to talk without being interrumpted and the most important, without being judged. The rule is to use a stick when it’s your turn.

There is room for truly expression.

Just to be yourself and share any experience you wish to. Or what comes directly from your heart. This kind of meeting support women in their daily life challenges, being a mom, a worker or just being a woman. First of all we start with a yoga set. Then we start the women’s circle sharing our experience or idea. At the end we make a meditation all together. There is definitely a need to support each other in these times. We as women play different roles in our lives. This circle gives you encouragement to keep on fulfilling your roles.

Receiving support from the group.

During one of the circles I shared the fact that I work a lot and I feel I miss time for my private life with my family. Listening to the other women experiences facing the same kind of challenge gave me encouragement to keep up being a warrior.

During the last Yoga Women’s circle that I attended, I decided to hostess the next one. I chose the thema ‘Creativity’. It was great to organize the activity myself. I prepared a short presentation of the meaning of Creativity for me. Afterwards every woman could share how they bring creativity in their daily lives. I didn’t know some of the women who joined the group. You don’t need to know each other to recognize the other in yourself.