Step out your yogamat and experience the yogi life.

I have been doing kundalini yoga and meditation a few years but recently I’ve realized that as human beings we need to spend time out there in the real life rather than in our comfortable meditation cushion or doing a kriya or yoga set. Your yogi life begins when you step out your yogamat. However I advise everyone to start the day with a ritual, your own way, to feel the life again, being aware of the beautiful gift of having this moment.

How to get there? How to appreciate the gift of life without thinking about all your issues and your to do list? The best recipe is to begin with yourself, with the most basic function our body is performing… breathe….inhale, exhale! You can try this at home or go to yoga lessons in your neighborhood. Start to change your breathing habits now. In the beginning it can be challenging but after a while you will do it automaticaly. Your daily life will be transformed, you will stop seeing problems or negative things everywhere. Make a test. Inhale and exhale through your nose, feel the expansion of your lungs, feel your body alive. Breathe, feel your body breathing with you. The moment you do it you don’t have time to think about the bill you need to pay today or the issue you have at your job with a customer.

In summary our mind is creating problems when we aren’t focused on our breath.

Breathing consciously is not only part of a Kundalini yoga lesson but it is your responsibility as a human being to assure that this process happens appropiately during the whole day. Your organs depend on your efforts. Therefore start being conscious of your breathing now even when you are sitting at the office behind your computer. The moment you start being more conscious of the inner ‘you’, the change in you will be projected as well in other people and they will also benefit from your awareness. The perfect balance is practicing while working, through the whole day. Don’t leave the yoga and meditation behind you after your morning practice or after the lessons. Apply it now to your daily yogi life and share your experience.