You are in your midlife and have a successful job. Finally you are where you wanted to be. However the busyness in your thoughts concerning your future, your family and job takes over and you lose yourself in the daily tasks. Your job doesn’t make you that happy. You have the feeling of living against the clock, there’s no time for yourself. Everyone goes first except you. You get annoyed by the hectic moments where everybody needs you. You end up the days in a negative spiral.

● Once you have done all your daily tasks you find time to sit and relax. But not for long, before you realize your thoughts invade your head and you get so annoyed that you would run away from yourself if you could.

● You earn a good living and your job is appreciated, yet you feel that emptiness in your life. Of course you do it also for your family but finally you’re the one who needs to spend the time there where you almost feel miserable.

● Everytime you wake up in the morning you don’t feel the motivation to start the day. You know that you only have a couple of minutes left for yourself, you get hot flashes. Time runs and you need to set the turbo before the kids are there. You’re not sure how to be on time for school and for work. You feel so powerless.

● You are so grumpy that you even cry when your partner asks you how your day was. You hardly talk to each other and when you do you both get mad and start fighting.

● You get stuck in your head thinking about all the possible scenarios of your future. You ask yourself if it is worth it to have a spiritual path if it doesn’t help with the daily roles you play in your life. You feel left alone with your struggles.

How long can you keep on procrastinating your self care? Will you always find the energy to cope with being a parent and be good enough in your profession ? How long will your body stay healthy?

If you keep on like this, you’re exhausting yourself and you won’t be good enough for your kids and partner. If you do what you did in the past, nothing will change. Are you ready for a physical and mental transformation?

What I enjoyed the most was the talks and exploration of my dreams, ideas, experiences and feelings. The cards worked well to open subjects but the discussions around them were crucial as they gave me insights beyond the tarot reading itself.

I am grateful for Doriana’s support and good energy during the Coaching program

Juan, April 2022 Coaching Program

Doriana has a very nice, calm energy but also always humor and a big smile. She teaches yoga in a very calm, pleasant way. I take the classes at her yoga studio, in a pleasant environment where she creates the perfect atmosphere (music, lighting, aromatherapy). She prepares her lessons well, but also adapts well to the participants and their needs. In addition, she really ‘takes care’ of you and checks how you are doing during class and where necessary she adjusts your posture with bolsters. She has a lot of knowledge of yoga and meditation and in her classes there is a good balance between sharing this and giving you the peace to connect with yourself.

At Doriana’s I always experience a deep relaxation and after the lesson I already look forward to the next one

Suzanne, December 2022 Yoga class

“Kundalini Yoga makes me move, release tensions and feel a sense of peace throughout my whole body. I feel more grounded and centered. I have found a practice that also influences positively my mental health.

Doriana is inspiring and manages to teach how this physical and spiritual practice can be integrated into our daily life. Her studio is a bubble of serenity and kindness to practice in a relaxing atmosphere. Doriana is able to transpose this atmosphere and the benefits of Kundalini yoga to the online lessons as well.”

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